Record Store Day 2014 Is Coming

Record Store Day 2014 is almost here!

It was 2007 when several record store owners were brainstorming about ways to spread their vinyl love. Inspired by Free Comic Book Day, the group invented Record Store Day. Since then, on every third Saturday of April, record fans have come together to celebrate the art of crate digging.

To cut to the chase, mark your calendars for April 19! Independent stores all over the world are participating, so find your local shop here. It’s also important to note what may be the coolest aspect of this unique holiday: 608 vinyl and CD exclusives, ranging every genre, from Devo to One Direction. I’m especially excited for a Nirvana 7” and a four-LP set of R.EM.’s MTV Unplugged performances.

This year’s Official Record Store Day Ambassador is Public Enemy’s Chuck D. In his words: “With the masses, neck bent into their smartphones, let all of us music lovers GPS our way into a reality that is the Record Store. It’s worth a great try, let’s do this…” Let’s do this!

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  • TUFFLETOOT said:
    May 13, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Sadly I’ve heard many bad reviews about record store day about how it’s lost its touch or the lines are too long.
    it’s great to hear a good review!
    I loved it And would highly recommend it!

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