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Soundfully is hereNearly five years ago, my brother and I started Flick Flack Movie Talk. As movie lovers, aspiring film critics, and 8 year-olds, we wanted a place to express our movie passion to the world and it seemed that starting a blog would be the perfect way to do that. Though Flick Flack isn’t going anywhere, we’ve both decided to start new blogs about our other interests (my brother’s can be found here).

So today I introduce Soundfully. Follow me as I explore music and you’ll find opinionated album reviews, news you need to know about, interviews with experts, and thoughtful “Music Musings”. The tagline says it all: “One Boy Talking About Music”.

Actually…wait! The tagline doesn’t say it all. There’s also a category titled “The Rest”. That’s where you’ll find non-music articles on food, film, art, tech, and other random, cool stuff that I love. It’s proof that I don’t spend all my time writing for this blog.

Soundfully is going to be a bold, thrilling venture. First of all, it’s only my second blog (and the first that’s mine). It’s also important to keep in mind that I’m not the world’s foremost music expert. I’m a kid fascinated with music and excited to share my opinions with the world. My goal is to combine absorbing, entertaining writing with gorgeous website design in an attempt to create an informative, fun musical destination.

This is my first post but here’s to many more… Welcome to Soundfully!

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